Blue Winks Vol. I – 3

Awesome HD footage by Underwater Cam, shot all around the world. Mahalo to Peter Schneider (one of the world’s great shark and manta ray expert divers) and his fellow environmental stewards.

3 Whales Under a Boat

A whale dances under a boat, shot August 2016 in New Caledonia in the South Pacific.

Iolani Palace – Heritage Site 1

Iolani Palace, representative of a thriving monarchy in the Kingdom of Hawaii during the 19th century, prior to the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani — composer, author and Hawaii’s last reigning monarch.

Paniolo O Hawaii – Cowboys of the Far West

For DVD copies of this feature documentary film visit our store.

Hawaii 5-0 Season 5

Join us for yet another premiere on Sunset at the Beach, a venue our film “Waikiki in the Wake of Dreams” founded as a film premiere site back in 2001!

Iolani Palace – Heritage Site

Iolani Palace is the lasting remembrance of the Kingdom of Hawaii. This 19th c. historical site was the first palace in the world to have been fashioned with electrical lights, a telephone, flushing toilets, and all materials not obtainable in the islands at the time were shipped across the Pacific Ocean. The story behind this physical structure representing a lost kingdom that was usurped by a handful of American businessmen, is as poignant and as tragic as that of the Native American Indian.


BEACH: Beach Environmental Awareness Campaign Hawaii, works to preserve our oceans and educate the community. This episode focuses on how much harm is caused by small bottle caps and plastic debris. Please watch and share the info!

Tom Moffat – We Miss You

“Uncle Tom” Moffat recently passed away but his legacy remains. There has been no producer – promoter as influential as he, having brought such a diverse array of artists to Hawaii, from Elvis to the Rollingstones. He will be missed.

Hawaii Artists – Bobby Puakea Canoe Builder

Master Canoe builder, Bobby Puakea, shares views on Hawaiian language while he speaks from his heart, in a conversation meant for the next generation. Wa’a or Va’a. (18th c. engraving by John Weber)

Lua with Mitchell Eli, Hawaiian Martial Arts Master

We waited for this interview with lua master, Mitchell Eli, and since posting the original series of chats we received almost as many comments as we did when we happened to capture giant water spouts off Waikiki. Lua is rarely an activity that is photographed and we understand why. It is the ancient Hawaiian art of self defense and it is said that by 1840 the practice was banned. So as is the Hawaiian way, one need not talk about it. If you are interested you will find a way to follow and learn. What we’ve been told is that in 1974, a handful of men began to learn some of the secrets of lua from a part-Hawaiian scholar Charles Kenn. Named Pa Ku’ialua for the ring in which practice takes place, Jerry Walker, Richard Paglinawan, Mitchell Eli and Moses Kalauokalani were students who began to pass on their knowledge and have since then taught perhaps a few hundred Hawaiian men and women who have excelled in the discipline.