BEACH: Beach Environmental Awareness Campaign Hawaii, works to preserve our oceans and educate the community.  This episode focuses on how much harm is caused by small bottle caps and plastic debris.  Please watch and share the info!

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  1. When I learned that many ocean creatures, birds, turtles, and seals are injured and often die from ingesting plastic trash created by humans and that much of this garbage consists not just of plastic bottles and containers, but bottle caps because they are small and can resemble edible materials to these animals, I was horrified. In my household we now collect plastic bottle caps to ensure they don’t get thrown in regular trash and are recycled. Using personal water bottles is yet another action we can implement to decrease the use of plastic.
    In Hawaii, we see this off Kaneohe Bay: sea turtles are foraging for algae (“limu”). They are hungry and they are coming closer into the bay to search for food because our coral reefs are diminishing. More so, we must be diligent about protecting our shorelines and oceans from our garbage, run-off chemicals from golf courses, industry and large vessels dumping toxic waste materials. This is our planet, we have a right and responsibility to protect and preserve.

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