Nuremberg & Beyond Pt.4

Born in Vienna, Austria in 1924, author Siegfried Ramler’s remarkable story traces his life, career and world events spanning eight decades across
several continents. His account of his early childhood in Austria and his
country’s annexation by Nazi Germany to his escape to England as part of the
“Kindertransport” in 1938, to life in London under the Blitz during World
War II are fascinating accounts. However, his role at war’s end as an
interrogator and interpreter at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials during
one of the darkest periods in our human history, covered in his memoirs, is a worthy read. While at Nuremberg as the world witnessed the shocking
revelations of Nazi atrocities, his courtship and subsequent marriage to
a Hawaiian – Chinese court reporter on the Nuremberg staff would lead him on
an incredible journey from “the ashes of post-war Europe, across the
American continent, to a life of hope and promise in Honolulu” where he
would embark on a long and illustrious career as an educator at
Punahou School (alma mater of President Barack Obama). His work at
the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials would later contribute greatly toward
the processes that instituted international criminal law, he is
equally known for his lifelong dedication to education and his work
in fostering international outreach opportunities in education. Mr. Ramler continues to reside in Honolulu. Part 4 of 5

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