Our Baby Green Parrot Story

There are many wild parrots in parts of Oahu. We assume that these birds were once domestic pets who escaped and propagated. We see as many as 50 at a time. They are beautiful to watch and this… Read More

Nuremberg & Beyond Pt 5

Nuremberg & Beyond Pt 3

Nuremberg & Beyond Pt.4

Born in Vienna, Austria in 1924, author Siegfried Ramler’s remarkable story traces his life, career and world events spanning eight decades across several continents. His account of his early childhood in Austria and his country’s annexation by Nazi… Read More

Nuremberg & Beyond – Pt 1

Memoirs of Siegfried Ramler — interpreter and interrogator who played an intrinsic part in the Nuremberg War Crime Trials post WW2, these conversations are fascinating glimpses into the historical past shared by a first person witness to the… Read More

Kahala Wedding Showcase