• Iolani Palace – Heritage Site 1

    Iolani Palace, representative of a thriving monarchy in the Kingdom of Hawaii during the 19th century, prior to the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani — composer, author and Hawaii’s last reigning monarch.

  • Excerpts from the feature documentary film "Paniolo O Hawaii - Cowboys of the Far West" reflect rare conversations with kupuna (elders) whose knowledge of nature, herbal medicine, and cultural practices of 19th century Hawaii still prevail.
  • Iolani Palace – Heritage Site

    Iolani Palace is the lasting remembrance of the Kingdom of Hawaii. This 19th c. historical site was the first palace in the world to have been fashioned with electrical lights, a telephone, flushing toilets, and all materials not obtainable in the islands at the time were shipped across the Pacific Ocean. The story behind this physical structure representing a lost kingdom that was usurped by a handful of American businessmen, is as poignant and as tragic as that of the Native American Indian.